Blue Shield of California App Reviews

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Can’t find doctors

Even when searching for all available andno filters, it can’t find doctors, and I’m in the Illinois Medical District right now

Can’t connect

Keeps telling me it can’t connect.

I love this

I love the app because I’m able to view my claims and have my ID cards available at all times. The customer service every time I call thru the app is always amazing

Great service

Keep up the good work!

Intuitive, helpful, and easy to use

Thanks for creating a helpful app that I understand

Will not allow me to register

Birthday will not accept any data entry

Update required

The app is not letting me to log in and update required pops up, but it is up to date.

Clean and simple to use

I can hardly remember what the layout was before because this new version is user friendly and easy to navigate. Also fast

Plan payment

There is no tab to make premium payments. I deleted and downloaded it twice and the payment tab is not there.

App does not process commands

Can’t even get through the first screen of registration as none of the drop down menus function correctly. Restarted phone and had same issue.

Nice app!!! Missing apple wallet add-in...

The app is easy to use!!! Looks great and never crashes. Only problem is you can’t add your medical card to Apple Wallet. I’ve used BCBS of IL in the past and you had the ability to add the card to your wallet. Would be really nice if this app had it.

Shows No Results For Doctors

The “find a doctor” and “find a facility” functionality always returns “no results”. Unfortunate.

Works fine, but lacks basic feature

The app is intuitive and allows you to view your cards, but it lacks the ability to rotate your phone horizontally to view the ID card in full widescreen. This should be adjusted so the doctor’s office can easily scan from the phone.

Facial Recognition

There is a serious problem with this app. For those of us with facial recognition turned on for login, it’s almost impossible to log out of the application as it immediately logs back in if my face is nearby. Every other app I have that uses facial recognition allows me to log out and then I have to choose to login again to use it again. Pretty dumb if you ask me.

Password/login issues constantly...needs fix

The mobile app or mobile site consistently has logon issues. I use strong passwords generated by the 1Password app. Despite creating a strong password for my Blueshield acct, and The Blueshield app and mobile site, accepting the newly created password, login always always says its wrong ALL THE TIME! Its not user error as i copy and pasted the correct password on the desktop site and no problem logging into Blueshield. Something weird is going on.


Very easy to use and fast to get around in thank you

Best health app

I’ve had 4 different providers in California. This is the best app by far and so far they’ve blown away the competition in every way. If you download the app you won’t be disappointed.


Why can’t you make a payment from the app?!? Seriously inconvenient.

Ability to pay premium using app

I’d like the ability to pay my monthly premium using the app. Calling, mailing a payment or paying online takes longer and sometimes isn’t convenient. Thank you for considering my suggestion.

Keep on saying update required

The app was great while it was working but now it's keep on saying update required. Clicking on the update button takes me to the App store but the app store shows I am up to date. Going to reinstall and try.

Not allowed to paste your password in.

Seriously why?

Could be Better

My gripe is that I can’t pay my bills from the app. Also, I have purchased vision and dental thru blue shield, but since they are linked to separate plan numbers, I don’t see any info in the app about them.

Doesn't save login after it updates the App!!

I haven’t logged in a month, then they do an update and now it doesn't save my log in info. I hate Apps that don't save log in information!!! I can't be expected to remember a million passwords with caps, letters and a special character for each thing - just pre-load the username and password!! It's an App on a phone not a website!! I seriously hate you Blue Cross!! Learn how to make a freaking App the right way!! SAVE THE LOG-IN!!!!


Can’t access pharmacy from I phone or tablets. Get error message. I have to use laptop or desktop. It worked in January but after an upgrade I haven’t been able to get to the pharmacy page.

Blue cross of California

I have blue cross of California insurance through my company. I live in North Carolina and have not been able too find anything of use with this app


I love to know my clams, but more useful will be to be able to pay your bill. Otherwise I almost never gonna use this app.

Many features broken

Messaging doesn’t work. Claim estimator doesn’t work. Just error after error that erases whatever I entered.

Kind of Pointless

Every time I try to search for a doctor or urgent care, it says no results. Even I change it to a 100 mile radius. I end up having to use the website anyway, so the app is really a waste of time.

Does the job, and developers fixed crash issue within a week

Works well to get to most info. One quibble for the one missing star - login & touch ID are still a little flaky, and sometimes have to login and enable Touch ID all over again. It seems to be somewhat related to the app's state when last exited. Killing off the app between launches seems to prevent it. Also it pops up a "Your session has expired" error with a confirm dialog, instead of just prompting for fresh fingerprint as other apps do. Previously... Not sure what happened, but after latest update (4.1) or crashes after login on loading screen. IPhone 6s using touch id login.

Doesn't crash for me.

First time user and was hesitant to download due to all the negative reviews but no crashing for me and it's been really informative and useful. Bill pay would be kind of cool but I use my bank's bill pay anyhow.

Crashes when I open

Every single time. Can’t get past log in screen. Please fix! Why did I bother downloading this app.


App used to work now won’t even open. Crashes even after deleting and downloading again.

iPhone X : when you log in the main page screen...

iPhone X : when you log in the main page screen shows for 1 second and logs off immediately. Also why cant we make payments via e-mail the app?

Consistent Crashing

I’ve downloaded the app, deleted and downloaded it again and it does nothing more than crash before I can even access any information. Terrible!

Used to be great—now only crashes

Unusable!! Crashes every time.

Good app but no Face ID :(

I really wish Face ID was integrated.


Just updated the new version yesterday and the app keeps crashing right when it opens

Update app???

When I open the app it tells me an update is required. I click update. It goes to the App Store but no update is available???

Can someone help me?

I open the app to see information on my dental plan and all I see is a button to go to the website. What exactly is the point of this app??

Could be better

I wish we could pay our bill through this I just switched from having anthem which I liked a bit more just because I was able to pay and schedule payments

Summary of Benefits in Spanish

The 10 page Summary of Benefits link opens a doc that’s only in Spanish. Is there an English language version available?

The one useful function doesn’t work

Even while connected to WiFi, the app does not show any doctors near me. I deleted it and will stick with the website (which is also more trouble than its worth).

Horrible app.

Always says connection problem when I try to log in. BS.

Nice app

Makes it easy to look up benefits, find a doctor, get your ID card, review claims, etc. Does everything I need, and no glitches yet. Nice they added in Touch ID log-in.

App is improving

I like the new functionality

app crash

The app crashes on tapping an annotation on the map.

Ugh! Can't open app since update

I've been forced to update the app and now I can't get it to open. Every time I hit log in, the app closes. For that I give it one star only because I can't give it zero stars. Fix it please!

What a Waste

NOTHING on this app ever works. Thank god the doctors in the network aren't as crappy. If you're going to have an app, freaking maintain it and make it functional. Don't offer a bunch of features that never work. Don't bother wasting the space on your device for this poor excuse of anything useful.


Can't even log in to my account

Cannot make payments

It is so stupid to make an app without including the ability to make premium payments.

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